Shia LaBeouf Opts For Probation

October 23, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

How is it possible for someone to be so hardcore on camera and then not jump at the opportunity to attend a correctional vacation instead of a community service type sentencing. I’d imagine someone like Shia LaBeouf to be excited at the idea of playing naked gladiators in a sudsy shower time battle for dominance. You’re not allowed to take days off when it comes to being tough. Shia is just a shell of the man he once was. When the internet was flooded with motivational memes of Shia screaming at viewers to “just do it” and tackle life head on, I was inspired. Not to follow any advice he offered but to stay away from whatever drug he was on that made him record such viral garbage. His life went downhill right after that. 

Shia LaBeouf has reportedly been sentenced to anger management and probation related to a public drunkenness arrest in June that included a racially charged, expletive-laden rant against police.

He was sentenced in Savannah, Ga., on Thursday to anger management sessions after pleading guilty to obstruction and no contest to disorderly conduct, TMZ reported. The original drunkenness charge was tossed out. 

In his most recent run in with the law he was arrested for cursing at a cop after being refused a cigarette at 4 in the morning. Just like everyone else with a pile of life problems and no accountability anywhere in sight he blamed alcohol as the culprit. He was treated like a first time offender and offered probation in addition to anger management classes. I really hate part-time on the fence tough asses. Why can’t you fully commit to something. Misdemeanor offenses are for teenagers, real men commit felonies. Just do it! 

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