Wall Street Wolf Jordan Belfort Owes Feds Huge Check

October 12, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Using straight line persuasion techniques to cold call a sales lead will work when selling used appliances. It won’t work when your name is Jordan Belfort trying to sell your side of the story to the Feds as to why you shouldn’t be on the hook for 100 million large. The entire Wolf Of Wall Street plot was a sales pitch to sell tickets. It was real, it was relatable, and the protagonist was an underdog. And in case you were on the fence about separating yourself from your cold hard cash for a ticket, they threw in large sums of women, money, and drugs. That equation was enough to beat out whatever dime a dozen computer generated moral-filled Disney movie that was competing for that week. Hooray decadence. 

According to new legal docs … Jordan Belfort still owes the victims a whopping $97,538,621.34 in restitution to satisfy a $110 million judgment against him. Prosecutors for the Eastern District of New York are done waiting for him to make good, too … so they’re going after his paychecks.

According to the docs, a company called Delos Living owes Belfort some cash, and the federal government wants to redirect the Delos money to pay down his massive debt.

When any uncle has his hands in your pants you should call the police. But when that Uncle’s name is Sam, the police are on his side. Jordan is just going to have to suffer through the shakedown and wage garnishing. Welcome to the other side of the American dream, the American nightmare known as inescapable debt. Whether classified pyramid or ponzi, Belfort’s contribution to this world would still widely consider him by most as bonafide scammer. But his story still makes a better movie than anything Bernie Madoff could attach his name to. Bernie’s face looks like the average boring dad. And dads don’t do bumps off hooker bums, those mistakes are strictly for the youth. Insanely attractive blonde women, disco biscuits, and white Lamborghini Countachs was more of a Leo DiCaprio lane either way. 


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