Ariel Winter Wishes To Be Wed

November 20, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Ariel Winter the human hamburglar wants to get married to boyfriend Levi Meaden. Any 19-year-old woman who wants to get married or talks anything long-term at that age is planning on not accomplishing much after the official papers are signed. Maybe she can enter a monogamous relationship with a diet instead. Everyday she pushes the boundary of how else can the community of internet trolls come up with new ways to body shame the behemoth with big tatas. Being mean to a butterface on the Internet gets exhausting. But this is her attempt to settle before the next hot dog she devours turns the top button of her shirt into a bullet after being under so much pressure for so long. 

Ariel Winter is looking to the future.

During the 200th episode celebration for her hit series, Modern Family, on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, the actress told PEOPLE she “definitely” sees herself someday tying the knot with boyfriend Levi Meaden.

“Definitely, I definitely do,” Winter said of marriage to Meaden. “That’s definitely my goal, long term is definitely my goal.”

The couple just celebrated their one-year anniversary, with Winter commemorating the occasion on Instagram by posting several PDA-heavy photos with Meaden.

Though Winter dealt with backlash over the revealing pictures, she doesn’t let it phase her: “I think you just get to a certain point after you have been hated on so much that you just realize that people are gonna say what they are gonna say no matter what and it really doesn’t matter, you can’t care.”

If Ariel was truly body positive and not seeking attention she would order another milkshake instead of working out for the world to see at the gym. I’m positive that she chose an underweight partner to pair with just so she can ask “are you going to finish that” after every meal the couple enjoys together. Now she wants the privilege of eating for two without being pregnant until death do them part. Most likely by cardiac arrest from clogged arteries at age 28 if she doesn’t get all those extra meals under control. She really falls into “just the tip” type fat. Flirting with obesity but not fully committed. Coming soon though.  

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