Brandi Glanville, Mother of the Year

November 20, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Siblings can be pretty simple minded sometimes. Who cares about a bed time when your older sister needs a picture with Brandi Glanville for social media, a closet shrine, or however she chooses to worship women who are more beautiful and famous. Selfishly sacrificing your baby brother’s scheduled sleep time wasn’t an issue until Brandi made it a big deal. There’s nothing like a woman with more money than you yelling in a sheer shirt with no bra about proper child care. Sure her attire makes her look like an extra on HBO’s Hookers at the Point documentary but she knows a thing or two about what time a boy needs to be in bed. She has two of them. 

We got the ex-‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star leaving Catch LA Tuesday around 9:40 pm where she bumped into a lady who had a child with her … which was not okay with Brandi.

The autograph-seeking fan offers an explanation as to why the tyke’s out so late, but Brandi wasn’t really having it — especially as a mom of 2 boys herself.

Her chastising is playful at first, but when the woman — who turns out to be the kid’s older sister — presses for a pic … Brandi turns off the charm and gets real.

I don’t believe Brandi was genuinely concerned at all about that kid’s welfare. She just wanted free PR and to look like a good person on camera. Virtue signaling to a tee. Glanville denying to take a picture with you isn’t the end of the world. But her going full upset mom mode on a fan is slightly confusing and cringe worthy. Any person donning a shirt making them look like a sexy doily that their grandmother just knitted should be more care free when in the company of fans. She made a mistake, no need to get your milk jugs in a jam over it. Relax.  

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