Farrah Abraham’s Failing Career Forcing Her To Sell Properties

Farrah Abraham sucked her way into a career. Now she just sucks at her career. So much so that she’s being forced to divorce herself from her properties. Despite her recent failures shes’s still the woman other teen moms pray to. She was supposed to learn her lesson after her first kid that being a young single mom with a baby is a terrible position in life. You’ll end up poor and pursuing a profession as a medical billing clerk with pay that tops out at $12 an hour. But Farrah proved the world wrong for a while. She showed everyone that major players like MTV were willing to fork over money to sponsor stupidity. And from there she never stopped spreading her legs until Pornhub became one of her employers. But now the money is drying up. She’s now being forced to sell the mansion she bought from laying on her back multiple times. 

Farrah Abraham is losing deals all over the place ... first with work, and now with her real estate.

Farrah's finally gotten rid of her Austin home, but for a third less than her original asking price.  

The 3,300 square foot home has some history ... it was featured on the "Teen Mom" catch-up special "Being Farrah," but doesn't look like it helped move the sale. The stone slab work and the built-in BBQ in the backyard probably did though.

Farrah's been living in L.A. where she was delving back into porn and reality TV. Emphasis on was

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