Johnny Depp Losing Five Homes

November 7, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

You can sort of sniff when you’re near the end of a Monopoly game and you’re not going to be the eventual winner. In his few sober moments, Johnny Depp must be coming to a similar sensibility. 

The very management firm Depp has been unsuccessfully suing based on claims they ripped him off for forty million through years of mismanagement and outright fraud, is now calling in a five million dollar note on Depp, against which the insanely illiquid actor put up five different homes of his as collateral.

Back in 2012, Depp laid heavy into wine and beaver and divorces and put himself in a cash poor position. His business management firm stepped in with a five million dollar cash loan to Depp, so they claim, to save him from the public embarrassment of foreclosure. Depp put up a series of his sweet homes as quick collateral. That note is now up and the same firm he’s now suing are demanding title to the homes to be made whole on their loan. So, embarrassment, delayed five years.

Depp’s earned somewhere in the gross neighborhood of $250 million during his film career. Possibly far more depending on Disney accounting. He’s been the highest paid actor in numerous years, whether or not his films were flops or hits. Sweet setup. He also delights in booze and other intoxicants and loves to buy expensive shit on a whim. He probably owns assets still worth a small fortune, like his homes, his cars, his art, his wine, his stuffed Madagascar endangered creatures. But he’s got about ten dollars in cash in the bank. This inevitably means more and more of his shit being sold in foreclosure to cover his current expenses. Or visually speaking, Depp stumbling on the front lawn with an impossibly costly bottle of wine in his hand screaming incoherently at men in green coveralls. 

Where did it all go wrong? That’s not much of a question as the answer is so incredibly obvious. Move in with Mike Tyson and create the best buddy comedy ever. 

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