Kim Kardashian Hosts Baby Shower For Baby She’s Paying Somebody Else to Have

November 14, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Kim Kardashian hosted herself a baby shower for her upcoming third child. Etiquette queens pointed out the faux pas of throwing a baby shower after the first child. Apparently you’re only supposed to receive free baby shit from your friends for your first kid. The Duggars aren’t allowed to force you to buy them nineteen absolutely adorable incest onesies. But this isn’t really about the gang joining in to buy a diaper genie for a struggling couple. This was a staged media event. Etiquette or dollars, which do you suppose the Kardashians chose?

Besides, the bigger social error was executing a high profile, social media baby shower without actually being pregnant. Kardashian and wherever the hell Kanye West is these days are having a baby via a chick they paid sixty grand to house their fetus. That woman doesn’t need the baby gifts as rent-a-Mossad will be hauling away the baby within seconds postpartum, but if you’re honoring the responsibility, physical toll, and perineum tears of gestation, you might consider devoting some good wishes to the woman doing the work.

You’re obligated to tell the mother-to-be she looks amazing at her baby shower. In fact, women feel obligated to call everything amazing at these events. It’s like the opposite of attending a New York sports venue on any given evening. Having a baby and still looking great seems heavily assisted by not actually having the baby yourself. That factoid seemed missed somehow from the family press machine as well as the doting lady magazine press. Nobody wants to get cut off from Kardashian coverage. So there’s nobody to point out that the Emperor with enormous fakes tits and ass has no clothes. That’s not a first for her, metaphorically or literally.

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