Mike Tyson Unsuccessful At Sneaking In To Chile

November 18, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

The last time I remembered that Chile existed it was because I watching Locked Up Abroad. I try to avoid traveling to places that can have all of their interesting attributes highlighted in less than a half hour on National Geographic. Why someone would willingly travel to an easily forgettable South American strip of land is beyond me but apparently Chile has some high standards. So high that Iron Mike Tyson wasn’t allowed entry. He wasn’t allowed entry because of a rape charge on his rap sheet. I mean all of America has pretty much forgiven him right after his Hangover appearance. He even had Mike Tyson Mysteries. And everyone knows that once you have your own cartoon you’re immortalized as a hero. Maybe Chile needs to stop being so uptight and let a mentally unstable celebrity with a face tattoo enjoy some foreign soil. 

Authorities did not specify which part of Chile’s immigration law Tyson allegedly violated, however, according to local media, Tyson’s ouster is suspected to be because of a previous conviction. Under Chilean law, border police have the right to turn away any foreign national who has a pending police case or previous conviction.

Tyson, of course, was convicted of raping a 19-year-old woman in 1992, which landed him in prison for three years. He was originally sentenced to six years but was released on parole in 1995.

“He understood the issue well,” she added, noting his only concern about it was what to do about his wife, Lakiha Spicer, who had traveled with him. Incidentally, Spicer has a past conviction of her own, having served six months in prison for fraud and conspiracy. It is unclear whether she was also turned away.

Mike was just trying to attend an action movie award ceremony and won the first flight back home. It does suck if you can’t receive a refund for your prepaid hotel expenses but forcing someone to have sex against their will sucks more believe it or not. Even if it happened in 1992 no sympathy here. But missing out on South America isn’t a big deal. According to cable TV the continent is only good for coffee and cocaine. So if you’re not into java or have a drug problem you can promptly remove that location from your bucket list.  

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