Obviously Blind Brooklyn Beckham Dumps Madison Beer To Date Boy Body

November 10, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Chloë Grace Moretz can’t be completely written off as unattractive, but she’s the type that looks better after beer. As long as it’s after the Bud Light kind and not after a Madison Beer. I completely understand that Madison’s only real talent is looking more attractive than a million dollars but when you’re a Beckham already worth millions why date someone who has permanent kid sister face. Money obviously isn’t the issue here. 

Madison – who is based in Los Angeles – has revealed she couldn’t continue their romance after Brooklyn relocated to New York City, where he’s studying photography. 

Chloë Grace Moretz:

“I think we chose each other. It’s been years now off and on and it’s just one of those things, you come back and it’s like no time spent away from each other at all,” the actress, 20, told Us Weekly. “I think that’s the most important thing and you’re lives are an open book. We like to have our own little private world and I think that’s important for both of us.”

Moretz and the budding photographer, 18, split in August 2016, but recently reconciled. 

Dating hasn’t always been easy for Moretz, though. “I had this one guy at dinner say, ‘Well, I hope you’re splitting the bill.’ I was like, ‘Whoa! Like actually I’m splitting the bill because I wouldn’t want you to pay for me and me to be held accountable for anything you want me to do.’ It’s like, ‘Ew you’re so gross,’” she recalled.

I believe that’s the problem with most kids of celebrities. They never had to work a hard day in their life so they’re incessantly chasing this feeling of fulfillment. We want to be like them and they want to be like us. The grass really is greener on the celebrity side because they have the income to always water it. Brooklyn plans to become a photographer. Taking pictures isn’t a career path in 2017. The same way dating a mildly attractive Moretz with a more stable bank account isn’t a real relationship. Your father kicked balls his entire career to afford the opportunity to procreate with ex Spice Women and so his seeds could enjoy the spoils of a won war waged against peaking at a mediocre middle class lifestyle. The struggle is over. Please don’t upset dad by bringing home struggle faced women. Start begging Beer until she comes back and make Mr. Beckham proud for once.  

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