Open Post: Time To Play Who’s The Next Hollywood Sexual Assailant

November 10, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


This fall is all about sexual assault in Hollywood, and the question on everyone’s mind – or at least the minds of everyone in my office this morning during a rousing conversation – is “Who’s the next Hollywood sexual assailant to be outed?” Said in a game show host voice. Guess correctly in the comments below and you are a true connoisseur of gross perverts.

I say there’s no way Ryan Murphy isn’t rubbing his tired taint on all the young pieces flocking to his projects. His life is a casting couch as he’s pretty much featured every young male actor in need of work on his series American Horror Story. Plus we know from Louis C.K. that creative types sneak autobiographical accounts of their unwanted molesty shenanigans into their work. Name a character on AHS who hasn’t had his holes filled against his will. By a drillbit dildo no less in the case of Max Greenfield’s Gabriel. Murphy’s my final answer, but someone here said Steve Martin. So, wide net. 

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