Pink Is Peter Parker

November 22, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Pink was caught cringing at Christina Aguilara’s interpretation of a Whitney Houston song. But it was Christina’s fault. She should have known it wouldn’t have been easy to impress someone who obviously still shops at Hot Topic. What’s even more eye catching than being a middle-aged mother with a faux hawk is that Pink practices for her performances on the sides of skyscrapers. Because attention. Is an AMA performance really worth almost dying for? 

Pink, 38, is going ALL out for her upcoming appearance at the American Music Awards! The pop star was seen hanging off a 34 floor hotel in Los Angeles on Nov. 17 during practice for her showstopping performance and it was insane! Although she’s known for her acrobatics, this seemed to take her normal indoor routines one step further as she hung by wires while doing flips and dance moves. The city of Los Angeles even got a permit for Pink’s performance so we’re definitely in for a real treat with intense preparation!

I encourage entertainers to take on risks mostly because it makes for good conversation starters with strangers. What brings two people who never spoke closer than watching an uncensored video of Pink in a million pieces after a cable malfunction. If anything goes wrong the blame is entirely on her. As a mother she should know better. Being a strong independent woman doesn’t mean actually trying to be a superwoman with superpowers hanging on the side of a building to save an audience from boredom. A carefully calculated nip slip from a celebrity half her age would get the same amount of attention for the evening that Pink would get while break dancing on the side of a building. Times have changed. Gracefully bow out and go be a mom safely in the suburbs.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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