Blac Chyna Is A One Woman Show

December 26, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Women have officially weaponized divorce and child support. There is no more suffering from the stigma of single motherhood after sleeping around ends a relationship. Infidelity just creates content and opens the door for a brand new TV show. Blac Chyna already bore one high-profile offspring from a rapper but Tyga and her old baby became old news fast. If you want the spotlight to stay on you it’s a must to give birth to something that has the last name Kardashian. It’s the closest you’ll come to owning designer brand name children. Chyna wasn’t about to let reality TV checks disappear along with the father of her child. Faking a loving relationship that leads to legal extortion equals out to empowerment in feminism. She’s planning on shopping around a show that would focus on her and her new child, Dream Kardashian. 

Dream Kardashian is already gearing up to appear on yet another reality series with her mom, Blac Chyna.

“Blac Chyna is going to do a new reality show in 2018, that’s almost a certainty, but music is her first priority,” a source tells Us Weekly. “Dream will be able to be on the show.”

However, the forthcoming series is still in the early stages. “Nothing is being filmed yet, though, and a network hasn’t been locked in,” adds the insider. “But there’s a lot of interest in doing her show.”

Blac Chyna borderlines on owning the appearance of an oven roasted blowup doll. I often wonder why the men in her life voluntarily fall into the cuck traps she sets. But under closer examination of both partners that chose to play without protection they didn’t exactly have the highest self-esteem. Her first child’s father is in possession of a receding hairline, love life, and rap career. Her second child’s father is a doughnut and depression enthusiast. I’d rather watch a show about just how much Rob’s life sucks at the moment. An hour of Chyna wouldn’t really hold my attention because her situation isn’t anything special. She’s just an ex-stripper that made a name for herself securing child support from celebrities teetering on the fringes of fame.  


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