Creepy Russian Child Doll Named Most Beautiful Girl in the World

December 6, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Life offers the certainty of death and taxes, young kid models get molestation thrown in for the guarantee kicker. It’s unclear who officially dubs perfectly symmetrical six-year olds around the world, “the most beautiful girl in the world”, but assume it’s not normal sexual spectrum grown men.

Some of the previously so named little girls have gone on from being sexually exploited moppets to sexually exploited young teens and ultimately strung out adults. Thylane Blondeau got stuck with the title when she became the youngest girl ever to be featured in French Vogue; she’s now sixteen and still alive and not in a Greek underground sex slave outpost, so consider that a victory. Some others have followed her, largely for the sake of providing preteen sexually charged young girl photos to push makeup, fashion, and spike the sale of Fleshlights among a not small set of men in the digital audience.

Russian child model Anastasia Knyazeva holds the current unofficial title, because she’s six and ready to take on the world. You can only imagine the Backpage Ad her mom is currently crafting. She has over half a million followers on Instagram; if Instagram could hand over DNA samples of its members, you could probably solve 90% of dead kid cases around the world from this one account. Knyazeva was handed the title when the reigning most beautiful girl’s mom posted overly provocative photos of her eight year old daughter. It’s a fine line between implicit and explicit Pedo Bear bait.

Yahoo Style decided to ask a psychologist to weigh in on the practice of parents grossly objectifying their young children on social media and in magazine spreads. Surprisingly, the psychologist came to the conclusion that pretty much every aspect of the entirely exploitative process is both damaging to the child’s psyche, not to mention potentially dangerous to their very person from online predators. In short, the positive side of the balance sheet is dollar signs and ego strokes for the stage mom, and the liabilities side is full of Latin terms describing various forms of child rape.

Until you’re born into a shitty Russian village with limited paper and hygiene products, you probably shouldn’t judge entirely how people choose to sell their children into various forms of slavery. There’s a grand human historical tradition of profiting from pretty daughters. Sometimes its your mom, sometimes your pimp, sometimes they’re one in the same. Some twisted logic can provide the blame for this on the lap of the patriarchy.

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