Free Lobotomies With Gigi Hadid’s Hot Party Tips

December 15, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

Well my apologies to Bella Hadid, because while I’ve been making fun of her for being a botched whore Japanese sex robot, which obviously she is, her sister Gigi Hadid has apparently been providing the most brain dead interviews in the history of the universe, and might actually need to be voted off the planet before Bella. While pimping for Reebok, Gigi Hadid hosted a fun holiday party where she shared her wisdom that can double as the convenient online lobotomy you might want after reading this. And before you judge her sexism in this picture, just know that Gigi is in fact fake eating a “gingerbread WOman.” Seriously. So leave your bigotry at the door douchebag. And now say goodbye to your brain:

My ultimate tip for hosting a holiday party is to have everyone bring something different. I think it’s so fun to spend the day making your one thing, and then you all come together and you get to try each other’s.

Well my goodness. No longer will hosts ask all their guests to bring the exact same thing! It’s almost like people could even discuss their dishes beforehand, or possibly have a tragic office signup sheet. And we’ll call it… a potluck. No that’s too crazy. Obviously, Hadid has only been to catered celebrity events throughout her entire life and even then everyone was just served cocaine and diet pills. Now get your pen out for this next pearl of wisdom. And then shove it down your throat:

During the holiday season I love to make pies, that’s my thing. I also really like asking my boyfriend, sister and mom to name something random and I challenge myself to see if I can cook it. If you make random things then it doesn’t feel like a chore. I get my cooking inspiration from Instagram.

And I also like to randomly wear a fifth of a poncho and let my ribs randomly clack around athleisure Christmas events. So random. Something tells me Hadid would be challenged opening a gum wrapper, so I can only imagine what it takes to challenge her in the kitchen. See all the highlights from a party apparently only attended by a manically posing Gigi Hadid in the gallery.  


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