Kris Jenner Gets Fake Grilled About Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

December 18, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


The current forty-fifth season of Keeping Up With The Prostitutes has seen the brothel mates learning about homelessness on Skid Row – with Beast saying “I think people are blind and kind of like to live in their bubble and ignore what’s really going on” – as well as discussing nuances of the Second Amendment – with Kendall Jenner claiming to be too stalkable to not own a handgun – so basically things have gotten so desperate and surreal that anything is possible. Cue this weekend’s episode of KUWTK, where the ladies were drilled by “media experts” about hard-hitting questions, but mostly Kim’s sex tape. So they’re hiring people to interview them. Not new for the Kardashians, but definitely more transparent than ever. 

The media experts were brought in to help the Jenndashians prepare for any and all questions that could be thrown their way by the media that the family is paying to interact with them. Most notably, Kris Jenner was asked about the Kim Kardashian sex tape that she all but directed, and somehow still had the guts to act embarrassed at the mere thought. She would have made it a threeway if Ray J would have had her. An international media extraordinaire stated:

So The Hollywood Reporter has called it ‘The Kardashian Decade: how a sex tape lead to a billion dollar brand.’

The demure Kris then winced, prompting an expert to add:

Kris, interestingly your eyes dropped when Jen got to the mention of the tape.

Kim was just full of moral support, and chimed in with:

Don’t be ashamed!

To which the room erupted in laughter. Tehehe. I’ve seen my daughter get penetrated on tape. Hilarious and definitely not shameful. 

See the full sex tape here.

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