Naya Rivera Needs Time Away From Men

December 9, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

In addition to being a man beater Naya Rivera is all about loving and leaving them. Instead of accountability for her actions she’s refiling for divorce. I guess when your husband has a ponytail you’re entitled to demand a sandwich and beat him when he doesn’t comply. This is the second time Rivera is calling it quits with her husband Ryan Dorsey. It’s her loss because no one else on this planet would put up with that level of crazy. Glee is on a roll with cast members who can’t stay out of trouble. First a super pedophile and now a woman who loves to Floyd Mayweather her man on long walks. Where do they find these people? 

Naya Rivera refiled for divorce from husband Ryan Dorsey on Tuesday more than a week after she was arrested in West Virginia and charged with domestic battery, reports said.

Rivera cited irreconcilable differences in a court document obtained by TMZ. She also asked the court to prevent either party from receiving spousal support.

Rivera’s three-year marriage to Dorsey, 34, has hit rough patches over the years. The couple first began dating in 2010, but broke up when Rivera was filming for the popular TV show “Glee.” They got back together in 2014 and married three months after the 30-year-old actress broke off her engagement to rapper Big Sean.

It’s bad enough dealing with a crazy girlfriend but sharing a child with her is another beast. You’re bound by blood to an 18 year on-going arrangement. As a man it’s crucial to have foresight when it comes to picking a partner. Ryan obviously turned a blind eye to Rivera’s behavior. The only one to blame for domestic violence and divorce is Dorsey. She doesn’t even wash her love box for the full seven days in a week. She was the sole proprietor of the smelly clam and Ryan still wasn’t able to get a good whiff of her female lunacy. I’m not buying it. The “daily showers are such a white people thing” comment was a dead giveaway. The musty muff should have been enough to leave this woman but we all make our own beds. I hope he finds love elsewhere and she finds a loving relationship with proper personal hygiene.  

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