Rapper T.I. Made It Rain on Single Moms (VIDEO)

December 27, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments


In a gratuitous gesture of filmed charity, rapper T.I. marched into an Atlanta area Target on Christmas Eve and threw twenty grand at “all the single moms” to help pay for their shopping.

“Single moms” represents a de facto hero status in certain sub-cultures, akin to highlighting “War Vets” or “World Series MVPs”. Though you have to wonder if glorifying the title perhaps provides a perverse incentive to be steeped in broke-assness on those days T.I. isn’t around making an Instagram video. Maybe offer a $20K bounty to any women who could make it to their 20’s without a kid? We have free abortions in this land, even for those merely visiting. It’s not that hard not to make a baby in 2017.

T.I. published his cash Santa video to Instagram, noting he’d wished he had more time to give out money, but he needed to catch a flight. The flight all men need to catch when they’re otherwise giving money to single moms in a Target on Christmas Eve. To T.I.’s credit, this is the first time a rapper called on single moms to meet him in the back and he wasn’t there to request reduced child support payments. 

It doesn’t take a stats genius to see how single motherhood has struck most especially the black community right in the generational poverty morass. Some might call it a nefarious secret racist plan hatched during the rise of The Great Society welfare state. The numbers and correlation are overwhelming. The odds of the kids in these fatherless families having a shitty future is insane multiples higher than their intact home similar peers. The numbers are likely not impact by T.I. buying you a Playstation and a Hijab Barbie Play Set. This doesn’t even rise to the level of giving a man a fish. 

You can’t fault T.I. for buying people shit at Christmas. Even stupid charity is charity, and even when that stupid charity is captured on an elevated crane camera to make T.I. looking amazing for social media distribution. Everything else deserves criticism. Generous dumbshit is a legitimate persona type.

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