What Vogue Editor Wrote About Taylor Swift Inc. Will Give You Diarrhea

December 5, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

I like to believe that Taylor Swift Inc. has reached the Born This Way era of her career – meaning that audiences are getting tired of her schtick, sniffing out the realization that she would refinance their mortgages at low low rates if she thought she could make a buck, and that her next album will be met with an earthquake-creating thud like Artpop. Swift Inc.’s popularity is hanging by a thread made of residual goodwill, but even her die-hard fans will come to the realization sooner or later that she’s a businesswoman first and foremost, and that her reinventions are about as organic as Apple iOS updates. 

You may be most familiar with Swift Inc.’s new hardcore IDGAF image as seen plastered on the side of UPS trucks, but now she’s taking the show to a hyped-to-death cover for British Vogue. In typical Swift fashion, we’re being gradually teased with snippets from the thrilling photo shoot, and as of today have a soul-sucking, diarreah-inducing comment from the editor-in-chief Edward Enninful that he probably wrote as Swift’s manager held a gun to his temple:

For me, the chance to help transform America’s most fascinating sweetheart was a joy. As we took the pop icon on an epic fashion journey with photographers Mert Alasand Marcus Piggott, what struck me most about Taylor was her brilliant sense of humour, but also how, for a woman in her twenties, she has an incredible sense of who she is. Obviously she is a world-class lyricist – and has written a stunning poem just for Vogue on the timely subject of reinvention and moving on – but she also takes her duties as a role model very seriously.

Taylor is acutely aware of her following and how she communicates with young women, and will never portray a character that would send the wrong message. That said, even superstars aren’t immune to the power of a great dress. Taylor says she has never seen herself transformed like this before, and I was very touched to see how emotional she was at the end of our shoot day in London.

Fucking kill me. Looking like one of the girls from Thirteen in American Girl Doll form really is emotional. If having to drop a big runny deuce is an emotion. 


Photo Credit: Vogue

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