Dr. Phil The Drinker And Druggie Enabler

January 2, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Just looking at Dr. Phil’s face is enough to determine the man has some secrets. So far in a Weinstein world he’s managed to dodge any accusation that’s sexually related because a backstage sex tape with Danielle Bregoli would be absolutely devastating. A slightly less worse accusation than having sex with a now 14-year-old rap star has emerged, Dr. Phil allegedly supplied addicts with drugs and alcohol. Did we really put Dr. Phil above searching for guest for his public intervention episodes on his show using Criagslist? I didn’t. All those surplus ads in the Hollywood area stating to look for persons into “California cornflakes” and “Sk8” will host (televised nationally) and supply “party favors” most likely all came from Dr. Phil. 

Plenty of people aren’t surprised to hear that accusations are coming out about Dr. Phil. He’s been slammed with lawsuits and allegations before. But this report, the published results an an investigation by The Boston Globe and STAT, allege something very different that goes right to the heart of the “treatments” that Dr. Phil claims to provide. Dr. Phil’s show is accused of, among other things, providing addicts who are seeking treatment with the substances that they crave.

Does Dr. Phil actually make things worse, endangering guests for the sake of good ratings?

Todd Herzog won his season of Survivor: China in 2008. But in 2013, it seemed like he wasn’t going to survive much longer. When he appeared on Dr. Phil’s show, he was so wildly intoxicated that he literally had to be carried out to his chair. According to the investigation by STAT and The Boston Globe, the audience never knew the whole story.”Herzog, who was battling alcoholism, told STAT and the Boston Globe that he was not intoxicated when he arrived at the Los Angeles studio.” You’d think that, even if he had shown up drunk, they would have worked to sober him up, right?”In his dressing room, he said he found a bottle of Smirnoff vodka. He drank all of it. Then someone handed him a Xanax, he said, telling him it would ‘calm his nerves.'”

Pointing the finger at Dr. Phil for supplying drugs doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s focused on creating content that captures an audience’s attention more than actually helping these individuals. A dead junkie doesn’t tell tales but a dying one can be interviewed for an hour with commercials. Nothing makes a person more inspired to get the spilled tar and crack residue stains out of their linen garments than a “lost my way to drugs” story succeeded by a Tide commercial. Giving drinks and drugs to an addict before a show is adding fuel to a fire with the side effect of near death for the individual and great ratings for Phil. 

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