Lewis Hamilton The Bowel Movement Nazi

January 20, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

The beginnings of what can be described as the poo supremacy movement has just found its leader in Lewis Hamilton. All turds were not created equal and Hamilton does not want your unworthy logs within his space. Ex-girlfriend Veronica Valle is opening up about her past lover Hamilton’s bi-polar behavior when anyone released the beast of the bowels in the wrong bathroom. He became very angry when guests chose to poop on his private plane or kitchen commode. Do you know how hard it is to focus on making the perfect filet when a few feet away the female you invited over is creating a very smelly situation in a very small space. In all fairness that would make almost anyone lose their temper and appetite.

Valle recalls:

“We were on the way to New York and Lewis went crazy after he found out that the pilot had pooped in the toilet… He was going to fire the pilot!”

A few months later, at his house in Monaco, I ended up having to use the toilet that was next to the kitchen to do a number two… He saw me come out and said, ‘Why did you take so long?’… I told him I was pooping. You could tell he was so upset…

Being anal-retentive over the anal activities of others doesn’t leave the best impression on women. If an irrational fear of germs is the reason for the rudeness Hamilton can dial it down a notch. His proactive approach at avoiding the microscopic fecal matter sprayed around the room from every flush is lowering his likability with the ladies. With the amount of money he has he should look into paying a personal servant to sanitize the entire washroom after every time anyone goes number two.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Twitter  / Backgrid USA / Getty Images

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