#MeToo Trademarked Makeup Could Be On The Way

January 18, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

The #MeThree! movement was officially laid to rest when Aziz Ansari’s anonymous sexual assault accuser detailed events in her EXPOSÉ that occur in about nine out of ten dates nationwide. Bari Weiss even wrote in The New York Times that the encounter reads as nothing more than  “bad sex.” Just look at Ansari. It was going to be bad sex along. But the official nail in the coffin and piling on of the dirt for 2017’s equivalent of the Ice Bucket Challenge will be the #MeToo makeup line currently under review by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. According to TMZ, makeup manufacturer Hard Candy has put in a bid to trademark “#MeToo” and plans to release everything from fragrances to nail polish to lipstick under the new line. Maybe she was born with it. Maybe she was sexually molested. The decision from the Patent Office is still months away, but this is just too damn good to pass up.

Like most current well-intended movements, #MeThree! got out of hand as soon as it was hijacked by those eager to capitalize on a viral phenomenon. Any and every woman who had ever seen a man ever was all but obligated to share her experiences on social media. Suddenly not recounting the time that your friend drunkenly pecked you on the cheek at a club, now known as cheek rape, meant that you were part of the problem. Silence meant that Rose McGowan would cyber bully you on Twitter, labeling you an internally misogynistic whore. Time Magazine conflated stories of rape and violence with the time a DJ grabbed Taylor Swift’s ass. Only to be severely disappointed I’m sure. Probably wasn’t expecting a trip to the Pancake House. My point is that the #MeThree! movement quickly became a mirky mess, and any clear takeaway will be marginal at best.

And now we have the makeup. Which is ironic in so many ways, and comes across as more of a meta art school thesis than an actual brand endeavor. Nonetheless, the CEO of Hard Candy’s parent company Falic Fashion Group is excited, and clarifies the intent of the #MeToo makeup line with: “The company’s intention is to give back to women worldwide.” And to make women look super fuckable!

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