Rose McGowan Less Outraged At Men Victims

January 20, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Rose McGowan sent her her “love and support” over social media to former co-star Jonathan Schaech who recently opened up about being abused by a director. Sending tweets telling someone you support them is making sure you look like a great person in front of everyone. It’s also a great way to mask the fact that you’re too good to pick up a telephone and talk to the same “victims” you would vehemently defend if they were a woman. Rose doesn’t care because she can’t directly capitalize from his situation. Selling “Anus Strong” love and support t-shirts would probably get her E! Special canceled for an insensitive disposition on sodomy.

Rose McGowan is sending her “love and support” to her former costar Johnathon Schaech, who claims he was sexually harassed and abused by a director in the early ’90s.

McGowan is not going to stop until she makes a few million from sexual harassment. She’s invented new terms like “life theft” in an effort to laugh all the way to the bank after a trademark. The repressed sexual assault memories of others will lead to Rose raking in every penny. She’s more sinister than CEO Susan G. Komen capitalizing from cancer and suing other charities for using the word “cure.” What starts as sympathy can easily turn into a seven-figure income if you play your cards correctly.

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