The Russell Simmons Rape Body Count Is Rising Fast

January 10, 2018 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

The presumption of innocence is a lost principle of modern, social media times. Beyond a legal tenet of American criminal justice, there’s the biblical and moral teachings through the years that provide clarity as to blind condemnation. This clearly in counter to human instinct which is one impatient mofo. Everybody has an idea of whodunnit and they rarely change their minds after square one.

Within the modern #MeToo Kangaroo Court system and the media mob knee-jerk presumption of guilt, many people have taken to a strong bias in favor of the accused. An equally ignorant position, but when the wealthiest members of an entire gender are raising scythes in a war on man nuts, there’s a tendency to blindly defend.

The first Russell Simmons sexual deviancy story to come out involved an ambitious young model who accompanied Simmons and then young filmmaker Brett Ratner back to Simmon’s place for what everybody had to know was sex. Maybe it got kinkier than expected, but the accusations of coercive oral copulation activities seems like an uphill argument battle. Most especially when twenty years on and zero corroborating evidence.

That’s the first he-said, she-said, the one you’re more than willing to dismiss on account of nobody knows nothing and you don’t hang a man on that. Sexual assault is hardly a light charge. In fact, it’s one of the most grievous in the entire lengthy book of crimes. Then the second allegations hits, the third, the fourth, and continuing on to now to fourteen different women charging Simmons with independent acts of sexual violence over the course of the last thirty years. As with Cosby, you wonder, do these women, coming out by name, and no prior relationship to one another, have any basis for a rigged conspiracy to take down Simmons? Nah. Conspiracies are always bullshit.

Simmons no longer enjoys the benefit of presumption of innocence. He’s guilty enough that you’d never let your daughter go work for him. This kind of condemnation is quite different from an anonymous former employee says you once asked her out on a date twice more after she told you no. This is fourteen women accusing you of rape and sexual assault. Has anybody ever come back from the ledge of fourteen separate accusers of the very same crime? Also, nah. Time to return the Phat Farm merchandise. This one is toast.

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