Weinstein Won’t Have To Worry About The Kids

January 6, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Harvey Weinstein’s popularity rating in Hollywood doesn’t score too well at the moment but he hopes still caring about the kids will nab him a few points and move him up on the list. His ex-wife Eve Chilton asked for a judge to order Weinstein to set aside $5 million for child support owed on two teenage daughters. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz decided that #MeToo doesn’t mean a man has to shell out millions upfront when he’s never missed a payment. Harvey may be a scumbag but he’s a man of principle who pays his debts on time.

Weinstein’s lawyer, Steven Slipe, told the judge his client had “never not made a payment.” Judge Katz cited that track record in his ruling.

There’s a possibility Weinstein may skip out on the bill one day. Life starts to look less amazing after paying lawyers millions and still having a high probability of losing and being locked in a cell looming over your head. At the bottom of that self dug hole overdosing from heroin is the only thing that can make over-drafting checking accounts go away for good. Since the serial sexual harasser is denying every allegation against him it’s only a matter of time before the cost of his defense leaves him broke. If Eve is smart she’ll scale back on eating out and invest in a Sam’s Club card. It’s going to be a long winter once Harvey gets sentenced to the slammer.

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