Weinstein’s Wife Collecting A Fortune

January 15, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Georgina Chapman is obviously the woman all Weinstein victims should look up to as “settlement goals.” She is also the woman Weinstein victims should sue the living shit out of for not keeping her pet molester on a leash. Chapman is cashing out a cool $15 to 20 million not to watch her husband ejaculate into the shower drain any longer while asking if his actions make her aroused. It’s like winning the lottery with the bonus of walking away from that terrible person you tied the knot with guilt free. Georgina will also receive primary custody of their two children. Allegedly their father can’t teach them any life skills other than tainted business practices. Any entity with the Weinstein name attached accepts cash, credit, or sex as forms of payment.

While a settlement has been reached, Chapman, 41, and Weinstein, 65, have not filed in court.

Millions of dollars isn’t a bad deal when Georgina suffered the least out of all the victims. After a full night on the town of rape and sexual assault, any man would be too tired for forced intercourse with the woman he married. I doubt she’ll share a dollar with any of the other victims as she had the burden of bearing both of his children. She’s tied to Harvey for a while. There will be whispers at every dinner and day party in Hollywood years to come about how she aided and abetted a serial sexual harasser. $15 million should cover the cost of a couple Kleenex boxes for the random cry spells in the middle of Neiman Marcus.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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