Wendy Williams Exploits Insane Person For Crappy Talk Show

January 14, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

Wendy Williams, Dr. Phil, Maury Povich, and yes, sorry selfless and brave wearers of Time’s Up pins, even Oprah are all equally guilty of capitalizing on crazy for sensationalistic interviews, and they are all equally guilty of having the nerve to publically drill their test subjects under the guise of benevolence. But rather than extending a helping hand, these daytime talk show hosts are actually reaching for the plunger to help celebs find their way down the drain that they’re already circling. And then Oprah has to plop on the toilet to let out a Jurassic Park dump because that’s what a twenty-thousand calorie a day diet calls for.

The Internet is currently erupting with details of Wendy Williams’ recent chit-chat with the OG insane starlet Lindsay Lohan, who, shocker, still interviews like a compulsively lying coke whore (alleged, don’t sue me) with a history of mental illness and family trauma. She manically explains away tabloid fodder that Williams chucks her way, and we’re supposed to be surprised and relieved that Lohan is doing well and back on her feet! What’s Lohan supposed to say? That she dreams of fucking a crack pipe every night?

Long after Williams dies of a cocaine overdose in four minutes (alleged obviously,) plenty of other soulless fame hos will line up to stop by Lohan’s exhibit at the freak show long enough for a photo op. That freak show of Lohan’s apparently currently involves building a private island in her current home away from home, Dubai. A place that hates women as much as Lohan hates herself. But even that doesn’t shock me. Taking Lohan seriously is like waiting with bated breath to see how a See N’ Say responds to questioning. And while I’d like to believe that Williams is that stupid, I think she’s just a bitch.


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