Ariana Grande Barely Managed After Terror Attack Mayhem

February 9, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

22 people died and 500 plus were injured at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester but the stories of those people don’t matter because they don’t write bubblegum pop singles that make it to the top of Billboard. Grande’s manager is revealing how she coped with terrorist taking a crap all over her concert in England. She cried for days and suffered so much trauma she questioned if she would ever be able to sing again. I wouldn’t shed a single tear if I never heard Side To Side from her ever again. Somehow she managed to gather her composure after realizing she’ll lose millions if she quits.

In an interview with the Big Questions with Cal Fussman podcast that was released Jan. 30, Scooter Braun said Grande suffered from trauma after the attack and questioned whether she could sing her songs ever again.

“When she found out that fans of hers had died she was so sad. She cried for days,” he recalled. “She felt everything — every face they announced, every name, she wore on her sleeve. Every bit of emotion because that’s who she is.”

There are 22 people that will never breathe air again but somehow she’s made this incident about her. Out of 500 people I’m pretty sure someone lost a limb. Imagine going to a Grande concert with a 50/50 chance you may not make it back afterward with the same number of body parts you began the day with. If this were The Rolling Stones with The Hell’s Angels as security there’s less of an expectation of safety but not from someone who has done songs with Iggy Azalea. I can understand being shaken up afterward but saying you were going to quit singing over the incident just seems like you want attention. Almost like the people who say they’re going to commit suicide but get scared at the sight of a little blood. You were never going to kill your own career because that would have been stupid.

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