Barstool Eating Its Own After Calling Olympian Hot

February 18, 2018 | News | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Barstool Sports pretty much made a name for themselves by their approach at being as anti-PC as possible when it came to sports reporting. ESPN opened a lane for their existence when suddenly the biggest sports network was slipped down the slope and decided social justice issues are more important to discuss than the actual sports. Unfortunately one of their satellite radio hosts, Patrick Conner, had to be removed as a host after calling 17-year-old Team USA snowboarder Chloe Kim a “hot piece of ass.” While Barstool is known for their wild hot-takes, openly fantasizing about an underaged snowboarder in a MeToo era could cause some slight backlash.

For the most part no one is excited over the Winter Olympics or even knew who Chloe Kim was until Patrick pointed out that she was allegedly a hot piece of ass. I refuse to confirm, deny, or even investigate any of Conner’s allegations until she turns 18. Don Imus was a martyr for on-air dumb commenting so other radio hosts knew which boundaries not to cross. It’s currently getting out of hand with the guy who insulted Tom Brady’s kid and now this guy. Patrick is still working with Barstool but behind the scenes at the moment until this whole thing blows over. Which will probably be in a few days as America’s outrage attention span expires faster than any man’s erection looking at any current picture of Courtney Love.

Photo Credit: Barstool Sports

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