Em Rat An Honest Woman Now

February 27, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Models aren’t exactly scholars. And when it comes to marriage it’s more about money than making a smart decision when picking a long-term partner. Somehow a mixture of taking your clothes off and taking pictures for a living you typically tend to lean towards having a spontaneous personality spurred by whatever stimulant is most available to abuse at the moment. And it doesn’t get more spontaneous than Emily Ratajowski marrying an actor that she’s only been dating for a few weeks. The lucky guy is Sebastian Bear-McClard and the couple made their huge mistake at City Hall in NYC. They’ve most likely upset their friends, family, and Chrissy Teigen. Teigen felt entitled to an invite for some reason after leaving emoji comments and liking the model’s pictures online. That’s not how friendship works, otherwise Rat would have invited me into her pants with the amount of online attention I show her.

Emily is lucky most marriages don’t last longer than your average microwavable meal. So there’s no shame when they’re both ready to divorce after they come down from whatever high that influenced their decision to tie the knot. That or her work visa was about to expire. Rat didn’t even get married in the traditional white dress. She opted for an outfit from Zara. A fast fashion brand fit for fast love. She should be fine if she avoids getting pregnant until the union is officially over. More sympathy is available for a single mother maternity model than a happily married one.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News / Instagram

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