A Florida Man And Lana Del Rey, Guess How This Ends

February 6, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

“A Florida man” is surprisingly still a great headline to grab anyone’s attention. Starting a sentence with those three words always guarantees a story possibly involving cannibalistic behavior, an alligator hurled through a drive thru window, or an 18-year-old pretending to be a professional medical doctor. A failed Lana Del Rey kidnapping coming from America’s most backward state is slightly more tame when compared to the standard news story. Michael Hunt is a 43-year-old Florida man who was arrested for aggravated stalking and attempted kidnapping with a weapon. He would have almost gotten away with the crime if he hadn’t tipped off the authorities with numerous threats directed at Lana online. Silly social media spoils another a celebrity kidnapping.

Michael Hunt of Riverview was arrested on Friday evening just a block away from Orlando’s Amway Center, where Del Rey — whose real name is Elizabeth Grant — was scheduled to perform to a crowd of about 8,000. Hunt, who faces charges of attempted kidnapping and aggravated stalking, was found in possession of a knife and a ticket to the concert, police said.

You can’t expect much out of a man named Mike Hunt. The combination of coming from Florida and having that mistake of a name can only lead to a life of crime. He isn’t doing too bad for himself if he’s attempting to kidnap somewhat of relevant talent. He could have always been that other guy willing to risk his freedom in order to stalk and sniff the socks of someone who looks like Chloe Grace Mortez.

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