McDonalds’ Fries Is Not A Poor Man’s Rogain

February 8, 2018 | News | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Fake news is starting to get out of hand and the goal is to prey on your insecurities like the “add extra inches to your penis” ads on the side of every porn website. A new “study” claims a silicone polymer found in McDonald’s cooking oil used to cook their fries can cure baldness. The name of the ingredient added to French Fries is polydimethylsiloxane which scientists have tested on mice to regrow hair. Micky D’s uses it to reduce splashing and the number of lawsuits from low IQ high school drop outs in charge of large amounts of extremely hot oil. The last thing a corporation wants to do is pay millions to someone who was incapable of making that much on their own if they didn’t lose their eye in a grease accident.

I’m pretty sure you’d get high cholesterol and a heart attack before you get a full head of hair from eating fries. Not too long ago there was a study saying french fries decrease your overall life expectancy. Are you willing to fix a few follicles at the expense of decreased mortality? I believe these same people who conduct these “studies” need to be held to a higher standard and show a little more transparency. That’s how you end up with articles from CNN claiming that cuckolding is okay and more enjoyable for everyone. No one respects a nation where men consume way too many french fries while watching another guy fuck his wife.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News / McDonalds

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