SJP Shed Tears Over Taking It Off Onscreen

February 19, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Unless you’re Tom Ackerley or talented hacker, “deepfake” porn is probably the only way you’ll be able to get to see Margot Robbie’s snatch this century on camera. Long gone are the days of directors dedicating time and energy to constantly suggesting A-listers take their clothes off for a scene. Hollywood is fading from the entire tits or GTFO propositions. As the old attitude about top-tier women must show skin dissipates the war stories are coming out from the elite females who had to suffer the pressure of almost stripping on screen. Sarah Jessica Parker sobbed at the idea of removing her clothes for a film.


“My agent [CAA’s Kevin Huvane] sent a car and a plane ticket [to the film set] and he said, ‘If anybody makes you do anything that you’re not comfortable doing, you don’t.’ Given what’s happening now and the stories told from that particular period, I know how lucky I am that there was someone — in this case, a man — who stepped in.”

The Divorce star recently “ran into a woman who worked on that movie” and the former coworker recalled Sarah Jessica “sobbing” over the pressure. The 52-year-old relayed:

“They were like, ‘Sarah Jessica’s going to be nude tomorrow,’ and I was like ‘I’m not going to be nude.’ “

Sarah claims she’s not being a prude and that being nude is just not her cup of tea. The horse just refuses to show her teats. That’s fine. There are plenty of other young actresses all too willing to take their top off for a fraction of the fame SJP has experienced. Altered Carbon on Netflix is basically a blatant rip off of Blade Runner but the majority of lead females in the series are taking their tops off. I’d expect nudity from someone famous for a show called Sex and The City but stranger things have happened. There’s nothing wrong with freeing the nipple. It’s one of the main causes modern feminism was fighting for. Show a little support for your fellow sisters SJP.

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