Chinese Torture Dog On Movie Set

March 16, 2018 | News | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

The thing about dogs is that they’re better than most people, and we all know it deep down inside. Kick around a human and you can easily convince me that he deserved it. Kick around a dog and you’re an asshole. Or worse. Chinese. A new video shows that on the set of the Oscar bait movie Crazy Alien, which was filmed in China, a German shepherd was crammed inside a box that was hurled through the air and into a river multiple times “until the director was satisfied.” You have to get just the right shot for Crazy Alien. The Citizen Kane of movies about aliens that are crazy.

A trusty source says the dog was not harmed during the stunt –  filmed in November of 2017 – which was probably a shame to the cast and crew eager for a bow-wow mein. Neither the director Hao Ning or lead actor Matthew Morrison (I see Glee was a real career springboard) have commented on the incident, but you don’t really bounce back from video evidence like this. I see five people in the clip, so I hope they all go to hell, and I hope Ning goes to hell, and odds are Morrison’s life is already hell if he’s signing up for Crazy Alien, but in case it’s not, I hope he goes to hell too. Look at me rooting for a German. A first time for everything.

Photo Credit: Instagram / PETA