Everybody Hates Chris

March 15, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Chris Brown still doesn’t understand women or his purpose as a celebrity. If there’s a burning desire in his heart to beat women he has to go under the knife first like MMA fighter Fallon Fox. A man must snip before he’s allowed to hit. Imagine how the course of history would have been altered if he was Chrissy instead of Christopher when Rihanna received an arm bar in the passenger seat of his Lamborghini. The domestic violence charge that somewhat derailed his career would have just been simple assault if he identified as a woman. Unfortunately he’s been unofficially banned from any and all things women, but every once in a while Chris tries his luck. Vanessa Carlton wasn’t having it though. He praised and proceeded to post her A Thousand Miles song to his Instagram account on the holiest and most sacred of holidays, International Women’s Day. She basically told him women beaters aren’t allowed to enjoy the song and it would be cool if he took it down, k, thanks, bye.


“Today Chris Brown posted my video. I am now being repeatedly tagged to his account. Being that today is International Women’s Day I feel compelled to draw a line.

“I support survivors not perpetrators of domestic violence. I do not want to be associated with an artist that has assaulted women on a day like today.”

Thank you. #internationalwomensday.”

Chris replied to her with passive aggression rather than punches:

“I posted a song that was and still is a great song and the artist felt she was doing her duty as a WOMAN to continue to spread this kind of hatred today.

“I won’t keep it up long. I just hope she knows she is loved and her song is great.”

When taking your woman out to eat means serving her knuckle sandwiches until her mouth no longer works then by default you should probably avoid participating in International Women’s Day. But if you must participate please post pop stars that appear to be less “woke.” He never would have been called out if posted Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. She’s just glad people remember who she is and her song is just happens to be as sing along-able as A Thousand Miles.

Photo Credit: Rihanna from Instagram and Pacific Coast News

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