Would You Hit It: Tallulah Willis Bathtub Eating

March 15, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Tallulah Willis is arguably the most attractive of the Willis coven, and in keeping with the coven’s bylaws, she posed in front of the camera while in the tub. This time daddy Bruce wasn’t around to snap the pic, so she turned the camera on herself. While eating. If this was an #ad for the bread industry they sorely misused their resources.

The Willis sisters are the absolute epitome of celebrity offspring privilege, and if they were created by anything other than Demi Moore’s vag and Bruce Willis’ peen, they would be relegated to the hills of Appalachia where they’d put hexes on wayward hikers. But as it stands they roam amongst us, and they actually collectively have over a million social media followers. When posting about Bella Thorne, WWTDD commenter Kat wrote “Why are so many millennials obsessed with being gross??” And this has never been truer than with Tallulah Willis. But it’s time to be honest with yourselves and decide – Would you hit it?

Photo Credit: Snapchat / Pacific Coast News

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