Lena Dunham Thinks We Don’t Deserve Her Truth

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Here’s a thought Lena. Maybe we don’t want it. People continue to give Lena Dunham a platform sizable enough to accommodate her proportions and ego, and while attending SXSW, the thirty-one-year-old Girls alum bombarded attendees at a panel about having your period or whatever with way more than they bargained for. Actually, if they were at SXSW and attended this panel  – actually intended to promote “authenticity in the media” – they got just what they deserved. A formerly marginally respected celebrity preaching about how she’s not going to apologize for being terrible.

On being raised by the woman we can blame for how Lena Dunham turned out:

I was raised by a feminist mother who said, ‘We try and we fail and we try again and we rethink the problem from another angle and we grow.’

On oscillating between fact and fiction:

I’m either full of shame, thinking ‘I should have never been let out of my house in the first place,’ or, ‘Nobody even deserves me — they don’t deserve my truth.’

On how all fat girls have mystery ailments that they hint at without elaborating on:

My lifestyle brand is that I, like, got out of bed 15 minutes before I had to be there because I was suffering from severe and mysterious nausea — but I don’t have a scone recipe or a fashion secret or even really the ability to get through my day in a normal way.

And on getting a hysterectomy because… ???:

As I started to grow out of my 20s, I felt like I was experiencing this thing that was so massive and so lonely and so complicated physically and emotionally and I had no idea that I wasn’t the only person. The only people I knew who had had hysterectomies were, like, my 67-year-old grandmother. What I was so happy about was that I got to understand how many of us there were and how many women had been promised a version of their body that they didn’t get up getting.

Now that Dunham has had a hysterectomy, I can safely say:

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