Things That Are Sad: Mama June As Marilyn Monroe Edition

March 2, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

WE tv is a television network for women, so it makes sense than in keeping up with female tradition, whoever was behind this photo shoot hated Mama June, a woman. Well, presumably a woman. Chicks throwing other chicks under the bus is the cornerstone of womanhood, and while judging by her face Mama June has already been slammed in the face with a bus in her lifetime, she definitely endured a second go-around in recreating Marilyn Monroe’s iconic pose. And if a man was behind this shoot, then lol, good one. But really, this is like the end of the movie Carrie, if Carrie had down syndrome, and it’s pretty damn tragic to look at.

This past April Mama June – most famous for being Honey Boo Boo’s mom – debuted her nipped, tucked, slurped, twisted, fucked bod in People Magazine to much fanfare, and proudly came out as a size four in the spread that was pimping her reality series From Not to Hot. You know what Mama, if Amy Schumer is a size six, then by God you can be a size four.

June’s reality series is now in its second season, and I don’t know much about it outside of the fact that it openly endorses a woman who knowingly exposed her kids to a pedophile. If the intent of this shoot is to put an end once and for all to celebrities recreating Marilyn Monroe’s iconic look, it may have just succeeded. You really don’t bounce back from a PVC pipe blowing air up Mama June’s twat as she grins like a racist Asian caricature while wearing a rented wedding tent. A size four rented wedding tent I should say.


Photo Credit: We TV / Splash News

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