Bella Thorne Bails On Teen Choice Awards Because She’s A Better Person Than Most

August 16, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Bella Thorne is publicly demonstrating just how advanced technology has become. Besides just being a top favorite for most lifelike silicon sex toy, she’s demonstrating that soulless artificial intelligence synths can formulate opinions. Imagine if the ending of Ex Machina was less poignant and more progressive. That’s basically how Bella was born. She has escaped the lab, climbed the ranks of celebrity, and is currently attempting to persuade the world that she is a morally superior being by boycotting the Teen Choice Awards. Clearly this is the result of a preprogrammed personality that has been installed in her software. The more arousing version of Rosie the Robot Maid wants kids to vote for who’s the smartest, not which celebrity inspires the most wet dreams.

This “I’m a better human than you” stunt was lazy marketing. She was absent for awards that she didn’t win. And instead of showing up, she figured she could make everyone who cared search for her whereabouts on social media. And all who did were met with the suggestion to purchase her makeup. I think Thorne needs an upgrade. Malfunctions like these are making her look like more of a cunt. Hopefully the 2.0 version has a mute mode.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images / Instagram / Backgrid USA

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