Gigi Hadid’s Really Good Photoshoot For Love Magazine’s 10th Anniversary

August 8, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


It has again come to my attention via cyberbullying that h8 and darkness have taken over WWTDD, so in the spirit of caring and sharing, let’s look at this really good photoshoot from stunning and talented model Gigi Hadid. And I mean all of it. Wow. Forget what you knew about modeling. About fashion. About art. About life. About rabbits. Gigi is redefining the game, and honestly, I stan.

Love Magazine released ten different covers featuring different celebs in celebration of its 10th anniversary, and Gigi joins the ranks of fellow cover stars like Brad Pitt, amoeba brain Kendall Jenner, Uma Thurlookslikeaman, and Beth Dido. Gigi actually nabbed two of the covers – definitely on merit alone and not because she’s a blow job factory – and for the shoot, does some great not stupid at all arty definitely not contrived or dumb Donnie Darko homage while in bed with a dog. And honestly, I stan. You’ll stan too. You’ll stan too. YOU’LL STAN TOO. YOU’LL STAN TOO.


Photo Credit: Love Magazine / MEGA / Splash News / Instagram 

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