Mr. Skin Minute: Turn Happytime to Fappytime with Elizabeth Banks Nude (VIDEO)

August 24, 2018 | celebrity | Robert Paulsen | 0 Comments


This week’s Mr. Skin Minute has something for your spank Banks!

Opening in theaters, Elizabeth Banks stars in the dirty puppet movie The Happytime Murders. If you’re looking for nudity here, you’re a “dummy”, but we know where you can Spanks to Ms. Banks! Nude on Blu-ray, it’s the complete series of Showtime’s skin-tillating sensation, Masters of Sex, and on the Paramount network, the nudity geyser sprays once again on Yellowstone.

As always, this is but a taste of the great things that await you on, so be sure to head over there today and start fast forwarding to the good parts!

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