Ruby Rose Batwoman Role To Focus On Sexual Preference Rather Than Saving Day

August 10, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

There used to be a time where no one wondered or worried about who their favorite fictional superheroes were having sex with. But welcome to 2018, where it’s important to know if Superman is pro or anti-vax, how Spiderman feels about illegal immigration, and whether or not Wolverine would be open to receiving a rimjob. We can all sleep easy now knowing that Ruby Rose’s Batwoman is into women. I don’t how giving superheroes sexual preferences became a thing. It doesn’t exactly add character to a character. It just makes everything a little more convoluted. Like does Magneto also use the helmet to protect Charles Xavier from seeing his secret homosexual fantasies? I liked it when superheroes just stuck to saving individuals in heavily populated urban areas, I don’t care what gender you swiped right on in your Tinder search.

Ruby Rose will be joining the CW’s Arrowverse. She will be playing Batwoman as the titular character in the upcoming TV series.

Even before that series premieres, fans will get to see her make an appearance as Batwoman.

If you’re not familiar with the character of Batwoman, you should start off by knowing that she is emphatically not Batman’s girlfriend.

In fact, Batwoman is Bruce Wayne’s cousin. Also, she’s a lesbian. Her name is Kate Kane.

Ruby, to me, is confusing. She’s attractive at certain angles, but if she turns too much to one side she looks like she can be the lead singer of an all male alternative rock band. I feel like I should question my sexuality every time I look at her. But then I remember Scarlett Johansson is into the same skulduggery when it comes to looks. Both are sliding towards a permanent “I wouldn’t take a paycheck to sleep with that,” but who knows, they may turn things around.


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