You Wouldn’t Hit It: Nicki Minaj’s Soul-Destroying Ass At The VMAs

August 21, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


One of the most devastating things to happen at this job – besides losing my soul – is that, due to licensing restrictions, I was never able to legally obtain THIS definitive proof that Kim Kardashian has Gak injected into her ass cheeks on the regular. But as of today we can at least own proof that Nicki Minaj has the melted fat of her aborted babies injected into her equally centaurian sideshow ass, as seen at last night’s MTV Music Video Awards.

Minaj overall looked cheap and botched, even by Minaj standards, but her butt looked downright medically horrifying. Maybe not as bad as THIS, but definitely evidence that could be used in a whore class action lawsuit against Groupon Tijuana plastic surgery. Sure, the proportions are that of a snowman, but the botched-ness goes further than that here. Her ass is turning blue. And it’s lumpy. Blue lumpy centaur ass. It’s like she’s carrying around a decomposing body on her butt. If your anaconda want this, you need to be committed.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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