A Vagina Is Born – Lady Gaga Has Wardrobe Malfunction

September 27, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


One of the cornerstones of Lady Gaga’s career has always been that she’s a used up old drag queen, but lately she’s been looking like she doesn’t have a penis, and thanks to this definitely accidental wardrobe malfunction, we’re reminded that she’s technically a woman. Though Hollywood trickery can always be afoot. In addition to this look at her fuzzy labia, she overall looks… not… miserably… heinous. Gonna pay for that on Judgement Day.

Gaga’s turning point seemed to be her lead role in A Star Is Born, and maybe she just needed for Bradley Cooper to fuck the penis out of her. Who can say for sure. All we really know is that in these new candids of Gaga leaving the Ham Yard Hotel in London, she’s passable. Maybe even. IDK. Kinda. Possibly. If you squint. And are drunk and on acid. Bangable. Ouch. My soul.

In the pics, Gaga’s razor nips can be seen poking through her dominatrix leather trenchcoat, and the flattering flash on her cleavage almost makes you forget that she’s the proud owner of Myrtle Beach mom crinkle fry tits. And her lazy pornstar hair doesn’t 100% look like it came out of a bag at a Halloween Hoedown set up inside an abandoned Kmart. Basically she’s – if you just got out of jail, and were in a coma, and had one day left to live, and were blind, and were actually dead altogether – bangable. Jesus forgive me. See half of her pussy below.

Head HERE for Lady Gaga’s NSFW wardrobe malfunction

Photo Credit: Backgrid / MEGA / Splash News / Instagram 

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