Azerbaijan’s Most Wanted: Dan Bilzerian

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King Douche Dan Bilzerian is probably easier to dislike than the idea of Tess Holliday being on top of you for hanky panky. He pissed off Medal of Honor member Dakota Meyer after he portrayed himself as Captain Miller during the Las Vegas shooting when he was more like Corporal Upham. He watched others get their brains blown out while he hid behind concrete, ran, and recorded for Instagram cool points. Dan recently became an Armenien citizen and joined their armed forces. Why? Probably from boredom. Being American, banging chicks all day, and having a bunch of money apparently gets old after awhile. Sometimes a man just longs for an Instagram selfie firing an RPG. Las Vegas may have some relaxed laws when it comes to guns, but after the Mandalay Bay shooting, casually traveling around the area with a rocket launcher in your backset while listening to Kieth Urban may raise a brow or two now when no one would have batted an eye before.

The country of Azerbaijan has issued an arrest warrant for Dan Bilzerian, the social media celebrity with the lavish lifestyle known as the “King of Instagram.”

PEOPLE confirms that the Investigative Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan has initiated a criminal case against Bilzerian, alleging he illegally visited Nagorno Karabakh, a region that is the subject of a conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Authorities allege that Bilzerian illegally acquired grenades and firearms before “demonstratively” opening fire at a shooting range.

The exact charges Bilzerian faces were not immediately clear.

The alleged incident occurred after a trip that Bilzerian, 37, made to the neighboring country of Armenia.

Bilzerian, who is of Armenian descent, arrived in the capital city of Yerevan on Monday. He and his brother took part in a naturalization ceremony where they became Armenian citizens. Per the laws of the country, he also registered for military service.

Ah, wealthy people doing whatever they want. When will they learn? Having a warrant in Azerbaijan is like having a warrant on Mars. Most American’s don’t know, or care that the place exists. Out of sight, out of mind. But if Dan does decide to return to Azerbaijan, he deserves any result that comes from it. I’m starting to wonder if Armenians that became rich for doing nothing have an affinity for also making airhead decisions. This country already has a Kardashian problem. We don’t need a Dan problem.


First day as Armenian citizen

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