Blind Item: Actor Wants Model Girlfriend To Be As Skanky As Emily Ratajkowski

October 12, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


For the first Blind Item ever, I didn’t peek at the Dark Web’s guesses like a little bitch, because this one pretty much speaks for itself. The last thing an actor needs is to be told he’s a good director, and this is exactly the validation Bradley Cooper got after directing Lady Gaga in A Man Is Born. His Russian supermodel girlfriend¬†Irina Shayk doesn’t seem like she needs a lot of convincing to go basically nude, but maybe now that they have a child together, she wants to be a tad less porny. Or maybe this is all about… actually… no, it’s Cooper.


This A+ list mostly movie actor is becoming even more insufferable than usual because of the success of his latest movie. The foreign-born model he calls his girlfriend is tired of being paraded like a piece of meat and his suggestions she get as close to naked as Emily Ratajkowski. She is this close to leaving this charade of a relationship.


H/T: Crazydaysandnights

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures