Piers Morgan Slams Daniel Craig For Doing His Daddy Duties

October 20, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

If you ask your local neighborhood mommy blogger, Daniel Craig is good dad. He has excellent form when carrying his child in a papoose. But if you’re looking for Piers Morgan’s opinion on the issue, Daniel to him, is a ponce after discovering the daddy pic that is now being dubbed as “papoose-gate.” Dear internet, can we stop labeling everything a scandal? Piers gets it right pretty much on all Kardashian related hate he spews, but lets not just assume he’s qualified for top comment on every other issue. If daddy 007 wants to carry his daughter in a sling, I don’t see the problem. It’s almost as if Piers goes out if the way to overcompensate. “No woman ever fancies a man again when they wear a papoose” sounds like Piers is projecting his midlife crisis onto another man because most attractive women don’t fancy the average mildly overweight middle-aged British bloke.

Morgan slammed Craig for transporting his daughter in a papoose, and on the show on Wednesday, he branded the subsequent Twitter storm “papoosegate.”

His exasperated co-host Reid asked: “What is your ongoing issue with the papoose?”

Explaining his anger toward baby slings, Morgan replied: “I just don’t like them!”

If there was an official poll taken I can guarantee more women would rather sleep with a papoose equipped Craig than portly pie face Piers. If you’re that daft to challenge another man to a masculinity pissing contest, at least attempt to duel with someone you feel you have a size advantage over. Don’t whip out your underwhelming willy for an unsolicited sword fight when what you’re working with is way too small to swing around.

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