Tara Reid And Her Dog Filmed Getting Kicked Off Plane

October 16, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Delta employees working a flight heading from Los Angeles to New York City didn’t get the memo that they would be graced with the presence of WWTDD’s favorite emaciated bag of misplaced body parts Tara Reid, and neglected to treat her like the A-lister she sadly thinks she is.

Reid, with her dog on tow, put up a fight when she realized she didn’t have the window seat that she thought she booked. And to make matters worse, they forgot her pillow. Flight attendants attempted to quell the addict rage, but in the end Reid was too much woman for them, and was forced to deplane before takeoff. This resulted in delays as the captain had to taxi back around to the airport to drop off the garbage. Surely gaining Reid even more devoted followers.

Honestly, flying sucks, and airlines treat people like shit. I’m not even a strung out fifty-year-old botched whore and I almost go on strung out fifty-year-old botched whore rampages anytime I fly. And if I ever decide to go through with one, I now have this handy video tutorial.

Head HERE to see Tara Reid get kicked off her plane

Photo Credit: TMZ  / Getty Images 

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