This Might Be The Exact Address Of Kanye West’s New Suburban Chicago Home

October 24, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Kendall Jenner recently bitched about TMZ’s mishandling of sensitive celeb information, but did she ever stop and think about the mishandling of information by notorious celeb site, or WWTDD for that matter? No. Because she’s stupid. Kanye West has been teasing his Midwestern return as Chicago’s prodigal bipolar gay rapper son, and it looks like he might have chosen to settle in the blindingly white ritzy suburb of Naperville, IL. Kim Kardashian will have plenty in common with the local housewives as they are also botched and dead on the inside.

I received an email from a reader with a link to a post in some real estate site called Preview Chicago that not only hints at Kanye’s Naperville abode, but also gives out his exact address. This could very well be bullshit – and would be a good ploy from a realtor looking to generate interest in a multimillion-dollar property – but Kanye is just insane enough and this house is just tacky enough to make the situation seem plausible.

This past Thursday Kanye barged into a local Naperville Mexican with eight bodyguards in tow, so we know he’s been scoping the area. Anyway, the house in question cost $6,799,000 and can be found at 28W660 Perkins Ct, Naperville, IL 60564. You can see more pics of it HERE. If this turns out to be right, I better get cyberbullied by Kendall Jenner.


Photo Credit: VHT Studios / @properties / Instagram 

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