A Better Guess That Celebrity: This Chick Edition

January 11, 2019 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Can he really do two Guess That Celebrity posts in a row? Is he that wild? A Dark Web rebel? You bet your sweet ass. We might actually, for the first time in history, have a Guess That Celebrity that you might not be able to guess, and I’m not going to miss my chance to shine. Well actually, you’ll probably guess it immediately because these are always shitty. Sorry for having career goals.

Earlier today we got a look at a secret demure little geisha foot. And now we’re checking out this broad with pink hair. Who IS she. We know that she has awesome tits and that, thanks to some weird Insta filter, she’s between twenty and a hundred years in age. If you reverse Google search or happen to follow this celeb on social and feel like spoiling this sweet fuck of a good time for everyone, then shame on you mister.

Photo Credit: Instagram