People Are Freaking Out Over The Bachelor Contestant’s Fake Accent

January 4, 2019 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


As someone who’s never actually seen an episode of The Bachelor, it seems like a series dedicated to reinforcing negative gender stereotypes, so naturally I stan af. The men are all horny, dumb, and vapid and the women are, well, the same. Except, at least according to this viral clip of a contestant from the new season of The Bachelor, the woman are horny, dumb, vapid, and also liars. And also have multiple personalities.

Romantic comedies have taught generations of women that they need to lie in order to nab a man. The men find out, and get mad, but ultimately forgive the women because they don’t know any better. After all they’re liars! In today’s clip, a contestant named Bri waltzes onto the set sporting an Australian accent while meeting bachelor Colton. She divulges to Colton that she’s Australian. But then, during a confessional, tells the audience that she’s actually American and just faking the accent.

Hm. The fact that woke af celebs, including Amy Schumer, fawn over The Bachelor (whether ironically or not) is disconcerting, because it makes me feel woker. Am I secretly the wokest in all the land? This Bri sex worker chick is so damn desperate that she took the time to sort of but not really master an Australian accent. All in hopes of getting this guy’s shrimp on her barbie. She makes Kellyanne “I Deserved It” Conway look like a damn feminist. So basically WWTDD is team Bri this season. Now we wait to see if Colton chooses Bri’s Bloomin’ Onion to take Outback. And rape.

Photo Credit: Twitter